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We will make your tax time tax preparation and filing experience hassle-free, with a set of easy to use business papers and information delivery tools and systems to allow you to send information anytime, from anywhere using one or all of the following business information delivery system that fits with your business paperwork availability and delivery preference.

 Your smart-phone

→  Our secure file upload system

→  Our Toll-Free fax upload system

We also make it easy for you to get started using our bookkeeping and tax compliance service and tax filings with a set of easy to use online forms

 Personal Tax information form

Truckers business start-up information form.

To make it even easier to provide the information to get started, you can call us and request a copy of these start up forms as fellable pdf forms, to allow you to fill in the required information from your computer or mobile devise and send them to us using any fax machine or one of our business papers delivery tools

How it works


 Once we receive your business information, we do the required bookkeeping and send you a set of easy to read financial reports that will allow you to know your business operating result numbers and the bottom-line profit or loss numbers. See the demo reports


We prepare all applicable tax returns Personal and/or Corporation Tax returns and send you a link to download copies of the tax filing ready tax returns for your file.

Going forward

We set-up your business in our year-round bookkeeping system and provide you with quarterly operating result financial reports, to allow you to know your numbers year-round.

 This way, your bookkeeping will be done monthly, allowing us to send you a set of quarterly operating financial reports.

This guarantees that your quarterly tax reports will be filed on time, eliminating the potential for late filing tax penalties from CRA/the IRS and minimize the potential for your business being selected for audit.

If You already have an accountant

No Problem. If all you need is help getting their books in order for their accountants to do the tax filings, we can help.

We will do the Catch-up and Cleanup Bookkeeping needed to bring your books up to date and ready for your accountant to do the tax filings, without you or your accountant having to do any of the bookkeeping processing.

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