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Tax Reporting

Included in the bookkeeping management services we provide to truckers, is the compliance management and filing of GST/HST tax returns, with a copy of the return filed confirmation report from CRA sent to the client by email. 

We make it our Goal to always file these returns on-time to keep our clients in compliance and minimize the potential for a GST/HST tax audit.

If you are not currently a client and looking for an experienced truckers bookkeeping service company for your bookkeeping and tax return preparation, we can help.

We welcome new clients and our system is easy to use.

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The Year-end Tax reporting Service System

Tax returns are completed and deposited in our cloud server and a download link is sent to our clients to download the returns, sign and mail to CRA.

This way, we let our clients sign and file their tax return. 

This way, in the event of a confusion with CRA asking for the return, clients will be able to easily download and submit another copy of the return to. 

This also allows clients to have easy access copy of their return for financing meetings if required.

However, if they are unable to find their download link, they can call us.


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