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Tax Reporting

 Year-End Info Submit





how to send the bookkeeping business papers

Send us your invoices, receipts, broker statements and tax notices and all other relevant information and copies using one of the following procedures.

Send by Fax

We provide a special Toll-Free Encrypted Fax Number

No special fax machine required.

Use any fax machine from anywhere.

This means you can send us your business papers from anywhere 24/7.

You will save money by eliminating your document shipping or mailing expense

In the event of an audit, we will have copies of your document as images and can provide the tax auditor with copies for data verification without you having to take time out from trucking, to find and send requested documents to the auditor or accountant.

Send by Secure Scanning and Uploading

Printers today all come with a document scan feature.

This way, you can scan any standard size document or receipt, save it to your computer and upload it to us using our secure document upload system.

Click here to preview the upload system demo


Send From Your Smart-Phone

Just scan with your smart phone and upload or take a picture of the receipt and upload.


How to send small receipts

You can assemble, copy and scan or simply use our online information submit system by clicking on the small receipt type link below.

Diesel Fuel expense

Meals and Entertainment Expense

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